TriariiSoft UG

TriariiSoft UG is a germany based software system house providing services and development to various clients.

The specified project is used by a major german phone carrier.
Project timeframe
The development phase started in 2017 and was completed in November 2017. The project went fully live in mid 2018.

TriariiSoft UG

The problem
Modern communication requires communication via various channels. To combine these channels, guarantee the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation as well as having the possibility to automate some of the communication via various rules a message gateway had to be developed.

The gateway should be able to forward or block messages based on rulesets and contracts from and to various channels such as SMS (SMPP, proprietary API Protocols), REST API/Webhooks, Facebook, Twitter, in App Push messages and much more.

The solution
We have developed a project/environment that acts like a multi-dimensional connector ready to connect with various channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and SMS.

The distribution network fully integrates into the Genesys world. In current use cases we are receiving SMS from the end-consumers or business customers. Those are pre-validated, pre-prepared and routed into the Genesys stack.

  • Channel Integration
  • Facebook client on the levels of person/groups
  • HTTP REST Api and HTTP Webhook to send/receive messages as smart contracts, Smooch.IO on various levels
  • SMS Gateway Api to send/receive SMS
  • SMPP Server and SMPP Client to send/receive SMS with authorizing, Multipart, and special characters
  • Configurable channel management and multi-usage pattern
  • OptIn/OptOut Process Flow
  • Persistent message execution
  • Messages Throttling on SMPP channels
  • Channel driven Logging
Technologies we used
  • DB connection for managing contracts: InMemory or MongoDB
  • Queue Management: Active MQ / MQ
  • NodeJS Backend Application Stack
  • API Stack for integration usage from 3rd Party application: Amazon Cloud Hosting, Mega Bulk Messaging, Bulk distribution of SMS
  • Template Engine with variable structure for dynamic prefilling of text templates: Serverless Architecture, React Frontend