IGIGI, an American contemporary designer of women's plus-size clothing. Founded in 2000, IGIGI's mission is to transform the world's view of beauty.

IGIGI has over 150.000 customers around the world and is shipping high end fashion products for women in over 70 countries.
Project timeframe
We started our partnership with IGIGI in 2014 and still working together in the present.


The problem
The team at Igigi was looking for a development team who could support the whole technology stack required to grow their business.

At the moment when we took over the project, Igigi team was struggling to achieve this goal with another team of developers who couldn't keep up with the high demands.

Another important need for Igigi company was to find a solution to cut off the high costs with the annual magento enterprise subscription.

The Solution
We have put together a well rounded team who started to tackle the immediate needs and also work on the project discovery phase in parallel. The team included developers, server admin, graphic designer, quality assurance.

A key value for the project approach was the fact that we assigned a senior project manager who was working on the customer timezone. The biggest technical achievement was that we managed to develop all the premium features within the community edition and kept the same performance level.

The customer had a great financial benefit by this because he started to save 18.000 usd per year (the cost at the time for the Magento Enterprise Edition) and continued to have the same functions for his online shop.

Customer feedback
"Compared to our previous vendor, Ascendro Technologies is very methodical, very attentive and very reliable."
--- Alex Brodsky, CEO Igigi
Technologies we used
  • Magento Ecommerce and LAMP stack for custom development of Ecommerce platforms
  • Balsamiq for wireframes within the product discovery phase
  • Graphic design, User Experience and User Interface creation for the best look and feel
  • HTML, CSS, jQuery and Responsive design for graphic design integrations
  • Selenium IDE for browser automate testing
  • Redmine as a project management and communication tool
  • Jenkins for continuous integration and automated deployments