Friends4Media's mission is to enable brands, ad agencies and TV production houses to engage, grow and retain their audience with innovative marketing solutions. We believe that the future of native marketing and skill-based games is the right solution to both entertain and engage your audience.
Project timeframe
Over the course of 205 working days we delivered 1905 User Stories including 6299 Tasks.

In under a year we set up a whole infrastructure including more then 81 micro services and modules and 7 frontend applications.


The problem
In 2016 f4m set out for a mission to revolutionize the mobile quiz game market.

On a very tight schedule of only three month an application had to be launched as well as a whole eco system around mobile quiz games be built.

The solution
Built from scratch ascendro was able to scale up its team using their network and was able to deliver a microservice based backend system, which utilized scaleable databases and modern operation technologies and automatisation.

With its network it continuoued to deliver several frontend application as well as various backend systems and tools to support the multitenant based system and generated the vast amount of required analytics and trigger points for all the game modes and big data applications.

From security services such as authentification and event propagation over the various gaming modules, friend management, highscore and winning systems and integration of external payment provides and payment systems we developed everyting in a very abstract and configurable way so that at its completion it was possible to spawn different quiz game apps within days.

The advertisement integration was managed by own services, question management, quality control and creation was handled via ibpm integration workflow system services, which integrated community functions for content creators.

The operations was automized and it was possible to deploy, update or scale the complete stack within the click of a button.
Technologies we used
  • Toolchain: Jenkins, Sonarqube, Redmine, Bitbucket, Gitolite, Vagrant, Chef, Kibana, Terraform, NewRelic
  • Technologies: .NET, ActiveMQ, Aerospike, Android, Apache Hive, Apache Jersey, Apache Jetty, Apache SPARK, Apache2 Web Server, ElasticSearch, Hadoop, IOS, Java, jBPM, JSON Schemas, jUnit, JWT, Mocha, MySQL, NodeJS, ObjectiveC, Oxid, PHP, REST, SSL, SWIFT, Unity, Websocket, Zeppelin
  • AWS Services: EC2, RDS, ES, OpsWorks, Route 53, SES, SNS, EMR
  • SDK: Urban Airship, Facebook, Google, WhatsAPP, Helpshift, Google Analytics,, Fyber, Play Store, Paydent