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Website Optimization - A practical approach

Even though bandwith increases, website optimization is a bigger issue then ever. Mobile devices don't benefit from modern fiber lanes and web applications get more complex and require more and more ressources to load.

In different articles we talked already about performance improvements in PHP and Javascript but what if they are already fast?

It is very common that, especially on simple sites, the most time is not spent on processing on the server but on the data transfer itself. Connecting to the Server, downloading the HTML, downloading Javascript and CSS ressources, downloading images...
Additionaly loaded ressources may load additionally ressources which couldn't be loaded before (cause they where unknown), making the load even longer.

There are a bunch of books, articles and tutorials out there describing possible improvements as well as tools analyzing it but gooing through all the items takes time...

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Yii ArrayDataProvider and lots of records

Here is a short tip from our team that helps you optimize the page load speed.

In one of our applications we have a page listing patients of a practice. As the practices grew their business, we noticed a slowdown when loading that page.

The initial implementation was using a CArrayDataProvider with the data retrieved using an SQL query. Therefore the slowdowns' cause was that on every page load the data was retrieved from the database, and after only the 10 needed results were taken out and displayed. The solution was replacing the implementation with CSqlDataProvider

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