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Software testing approach by project size

Which testing method its worth using, manual or automated? Let's just say it is entirely dependent on the project profie and size.

We are constantly looking to improve the outcome of our Quality Assurance department and because we have experience with both manual and automated testing we have put together some general ideas regarding the testing approach depending on the project profile.

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Supporting the supporters to support

Building up an efficient department is not easy - improvements can be done everywhere. We recently started to boost up the efficiency of our Quality Assurance department and the results were great!

Using the project management tool Redmine most of the time, beside actual testing, was spent on putting error reports into it.

Writing good error reports is a science already but you can improve it a lot by attaching screenshtos or videos - showing the actual "undocumented feature". Main task is to make it as easy as possible for the developer to understand and reproduce it.

The initial process went like this:

Fig 1.: Manual workflow for adding Screenshots to an error report

Lot of steps, for simply attaching an image to an issue. This can be definitely improved...

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