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Are we a team or what?

Team building action

We felt like having some fun together so we gathered the team and went to a paintball filed to show our hart and skills.

The start was difficult as none of us had any army background but nothing can be more intuitive than having a machine gun in hand plus plenty of bullets...

Step by step we got into the game and forgot about everything as the only goal was to capture the flag and eventually shoot some enemies on the way.

We ended up with a few minor injuries but we had a lot of fun and promised to ourselves that we will meet again on the "battle field".

As expected the day ended with beer, funny stories and a big smile on everybody's face :)


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Tiberiu says:

Yes he really took this very seriously and actually won most of the time :)

Ella says:

that's my Cris in the left holding the gun above his head like he means war :)))))

Cris says:

"I'll be B A C K!" :))))