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Do not get annoyed, buddy

A huge surprise was waiting for our team at wednesday morning. They got called for a meeting and before they knew what is going on they were part of an online match of "Don't get annoyed, buddy".

What happened? In our continuous drive to keep up with latest technology we created a TechDemo featuring 3D-Graphic Rendering, Server Side Javascript and WebSockets. Making it possible to create real time web based applications.

But let's describe what we did...

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How to work efficiently with freelancers


This article is a short guide about how to maximize your cooperation with freelancers if you are a web or marketing agency who needs programming services. In the end you need a guy that can help your project and not somebody who stumbles around.

We have put together a few useful ideas that are the result of our experience with different freelancers in the last 5 years. By the way, we are a software provider that helps marketing agencies to successfully deliver web and mobile projects.

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