software developer and project manager

About Andrei

Andrei is one of the first people who started working with Ascendro and maybe the person with the most rapid progress in terms of technical and communication skills. He is specialized in web development and likes to be very organized with everything related to projects and his work.

Andrei loves football, Real Madrid (he is one of the biggest fans) and computer games like Fifa.
  • Programming (Php, Yii Framework, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery Ajax, HTML, CSS, OOP)
  • Project Management
  • Communication
Fun Fact
Andrei is really bad with directions in the city. He doesn't stress too much with streets names and it happened several times to give bad directions to poor people who were not from Timisoara. At one point he even invited us at his place and we ended up in a different place after we followed his suggestions.
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