alex m
Alex M.
lead software developer and project manager

About Alex M.

Alex is one of the first people who joined forces with Ascendro and since then he constantly added value to our projects and to the team members generally. He is smart and passionate about web and mobile technologies.

Alex loves cars and computer games like Dota or Battlefield.
  • Programming (Php, Android Development, Yii Framework, Node.js, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery Ajax, HTML, CSS, OOP)
  • System Architecture
  • Project Management
  • Communication
Fun Fact
The funny thing about Alex is that he is very insistent when he really wants something.. One situation like this was when he started to learn node.js. He insisted to study, learn and try things until he got a great result. Alex is the type of guy that you throw out on the door but get’s back on the window.
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